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Commuter Service

The Standoff to Lethbridge commuter bus runs daily from 5:30 am to 5:35 pm.

The Standoff to Lethbridge Commuter Schedule


Fares & Passes — Standoff to Lethbridge Commuter Bus


1 Way ————– $20.00
Round Trip ——– $35.00


20 Pass ————– $160.00
40 Pass ————– $300.00

Commuter Bus Policies


Seating is available for the frail, elderly and disabled persons at the front of all buses. Look for the courtesy seating symbol. Exit from the front door.


Spotted Eagle Contracting has a policy that there is no drinking and or eating on board any of their buses Transit, School and or Charters.


Smoking is prohibited on the bus and in shelters in accordance with City Bylaws.

Passenger Safety

Spotted Eagle Transportation is committed to making sure that everyone has a fun but most importantly, a safe ride.

It shall be unlawful for any person to fight, swear, use insulting or obscene language, smoke, spit or engage in unseemly or disorderly conduct in any of the Transit, School, or Standoff – Lethbridge Commuter buses of Spotted Eagle Transportation.

Passengers Shall Refrain From

  • Standing near the Transit Operator purely for the purpose of casual conversation.
  • Riding around repeatedly on a bus or loitering at a Transit terminal purely for the purpose of accompanying or visiting with the Transit Operator.
  • Standing in the doorway, the stairwell or any area that obstructs the Transit Operators view.
  • Disturbing other passengers and the peace by using profane, vulgar, indecent insulting, abusive, foul, or obscene language or any other practice or action which may annoy other passengers.
  • Standing or placing their feet on the seats or wheel wells of the bus.

Personal Conduct

To make you, and your fellow passengers ride more enjoyable you must follow these rules:

  • You must have a valid pass, ticket, or exact denomination ready when boarding the bus.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Make room for everyone, be kind and courteous with your seat.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Be respectful of others, no swearing, yelling or loud phone conversations.
  • No open listening to cellphones, tablets, laptops and Bluetooth speakers, headphones must be worn at all times when using these items.
  • Please keep all of your personal belongings out of the aisle ways and stow any Strollers and Walkers in the rear, bags and backpack should remain on your lap.
  • Place all garbage in the appropriate receptacles provided on the bus.
  • To avoid injury to you and others around you please remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  • No flammable or explosive materials including vape pens.

Pets On board

Pets are welcome on all Spotted Eagle Contracting buses under the following guidelines:

  • Only small fur-bearing and feathered pets contained in secure, clean, hand-held cages are permitted on the buses.
  • The cage should be appropriate to the pet’s size.
  • Cages must be small enough to fit on the owner’s lap.
  • One hand-held cage per passenger.
  • Passengers must hold onto their cages at all times and are responsible for the safety of their pets. (If there is room on the bus, cages may be placed beside you on the floor but the cage should not block the aisle or restrict other passengers.)
  • Your transit operator may refuse a trip if your pet poses a health or safety risk, or if it misbehaves.
  • When the bus is busy there may not be room for your pet, call transit to find out which trips tend to be busy.

Certified assistance animals may continue to use buses as before. Owners of assistance animals should be prepared to show the animal’s verification of training.


Seating is available for the frail, elderly and disabled persons at the front of all buses. Look for the courtesy seating symbol. Exit from the front door.

All Items left on our buses will be held for 1 month at which time will be donated to the Kainai Food Bank.

If you think you have lost something on our buses please fill out the form below and be as specific about the item as you can and we will get back to you while we check the item.


Passengers who attempt to evade paying a fare or who do not present a valid pass or transfer may be refused a ride or evicted from the bus at the Transit Operator’s discretion.

Should a situation present itself that may lead to a dispute over the refusal to provide a passenger with a ride and you require assistance please contact a Transit Operations Coordinator.

We would love to work with you!

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